Quintana Roo


The Yaxmuul cenote is one of the many gorgeous cave systems in Mexico’s Yucatan Pensinsula. This picture was taken during an Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech (ORGT) Expedition trip in the spring of 2012, of which I was the expedition leader. This project involved a lot of planning and organizational work — making contact with knowledgeable local cavers, budgeting, planning a suitable trip for 13 people of varying levels of experience. It was a fantastic, fun vacation!

Check out this video of the trip, made by Austin Ward. I recommend muting your speakers if you don’t like country music:


pretty posters

pretty posters

I presented this poster at the Workshop on Modelling of Radiation Damage and its Effects on Materials, at Oxford University in September 2013. It’s largely based on work published in Physical Review B, which you can download below.
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Hail Sagan

Cross stitch, step 1 complete!

I have completed the cross stitching for my Carl Sagan tribute cross stitch! I have several more steps before it’s entirely finished… first, adding back stitching and beading. Next, I will compile the patterns into a PDF booklet, which will be put up for sale on etsy. I’m really happy with it so far!