new projects!

I’ve been extremely busy preparing for the move back to the US — my husband was offered a great job in Florida, so we’re leaving France a little early! I have two big projects on the horizon:

1) Tiny house! We’re looking at starting to build shortly after arriving in Florida. Here are a few images of the latest floorplan.

2) Starting a business! Instead of looking for my next academic research job, I’m going in a different direction — opening a custom printshop! I’m planning on doing some letterpress and other relief work on my new Conrad etching press.

More details of both of these projects to come…

In other news, I’ve had my Carl Sagan pattern up on etsy since January, and I’ve sold 13 copies! I’ve already had 24 orders this year (across my 3 patterns), which is one more than I had for all of 2013!

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