tiny stairs


My husband and I are hoping to build a tiny house on a trailer sometime in the future, for a variety of reasons. It will help us reach our goals of financial and location independence. We will learn a lot of practical skills when building it! Plus, it’s just a really fun design challenge to work with — taking a 8’x20′ footprint with a 13.5′ height limit and including all the comforts of home.

In most tiny house designs, the bed is lofted above the main house spaces (kitchen, bathroom, living area) and is accessible by a ladder. But we have a dog — she won’t be happy without loft access, and we’ve been unsuccessful in convincing her to climb a ladder so far! So, we want to incorporate some kind of dog-friendly stairs in the design. In this design concept, the stairs occupy a 3’x3′ footprint, with each stair being 8″ tall. There is storage inside each step, including 4 pull-out drawers, 2 lift-off top triangle spaces (drawer faces & tops not pictured for clarity), plus a closet for hanging clothes with a couple extra nooks. In a tiny house, storage is at a premium, and no space can be wasted!


You can download this SketchUp model in the 3D Warehouse if you’d like to see even more detail!

8 thoughts on “tiny stairs

  1. My husband and I are building a tiny home and are in the planning process currently. I’ve been going crazy on pinterest finding different ideas for storage and that’s where I came across your stairs! We will have two small children in a loft and needed something a little sturdier than a ladder for them to climb into their loft. This is so compact and it has the ever coveted storage space we need. And as an added bonus, we just realized the file is on sketchup! The stars have aligned! Thank you so much for the idea and for the time you took to map it out for people like us. Good luck on your Tiny Home journey!

  2. Yep, 6 stairs. Each is about 10″ high. The top one is a bit taller (the one leading directly to the loft), so that you can swing your legs off the loft and stand up on it easily.

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