Team Kratankator


This is a bit of an old project, but it was one of my favorites! In 2005 and 2006, Rob and I participated in the Tulane University Robot Battle Olympiad (TURBO), a competition in which each team can spend no more than $200 building their robot. Our first robot, Kratankator is pictured above with us, outside the battle arena. Kratankator had a lot of nice features, including the main weapon — a drill with a little circular saw blade attached. The three wheel axes allowed Kratankator to keep moving if flipped in one direction, and a stabilizing bar keep it from being turned onto its side. Kratankator took second place in the competition!

In 2006, we built FOK (Father of Kratankator). FOK was a bit less elegant than Kratankator, but much larger and more powerful. In fact, the huge circular saw weapon proved to be too much for the arena –the flying bits of metal and wood created while FOK was destroying its competitors were deemed a bit too dangerous for the spectators, and we weren’t allowed to continue spinning the saw!

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